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Margaret BowmanMargaret Bowman

My husband and I enjoy participating in AUSun adventures, especially the kayaking trips.  No matter where we travel, we know that the small details will be taken care of, the trip will be fun and adventurous, and that Meli and her crew will have thought of every small detail to

Hans PfisterHans Pfister

I sent my kids to five Adventure under the Sun Trips over the past years.  It made such a huge difference in their lives.  I truly believe they are better young men today, because of those incredible outdoor experiences.  I would recommend this experience to everybody that has teenagers and

Brenda MartinezBrenda Martinez

ASUN has been an excellent onsite operator for our Student´s Journeys. Always professional, creative and flexible with our needs. The staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly and careful. Teachers and students have come back home very happy with service quality and the whole experience that Adventures Under the Sun creates. 

Jorge ArrietaJorge Arrieta

Over the last 5 year AUSun has supported us with teamwork activities. Their energy, enthusiasm, and passion are contagious. Taken our teams to the limit, building self-confidence, hungry to get better and make them believe in their ability to reach new heights. 

Dr. Kerri NolanDr. Kerri Nolan

As an educator and as a parent, I have seen hundreds of students and my two daughters benefit greatly from participation in challenge trips through Adventures Under the Sun. Young people and even their adult teachers have conquered their fears of heights, water, and even spiders to engage in thrilling

Rebecca ScottiRebecca Scotti

AUSun has been our go to Costa Rica adventure outfitter for over 10 years now!  From white water rafting to environmental education, from cooking classes to organic farming, AUSun has always designed unique and creative itineraries that keep our students engaged and learning every day.  Their local knowledge runs deep

Jorge ArrietaJorge Arrieta

Muy agradecido con todo el equipo de Adventure Under the Sun por el esfuerzo y gran trabajo. Ver las sonrisas de los chicos, escuchar con la emoción que narran sus aventuras, retos y logros son prueba que disfrutaron cada momento de su expedición. 

Adriana Chave MoraAdriana Chave Mora

De parte de la Familia Arrieta Ch y principalmente de Andrés, deseamos agradecerles por haber creado una experiencia única, inolvidable, llena de retos y aventuras para Andrés. Andrés ha llegado a casa muy contento y sumamente emotivo porque estos días junto a ustedes se formó en él un sentimiento de

Jennifer Pfister-LibbyJennifer Pfister-Libby

About 7 years ago my husband Hans and myself decided it was time to let our twin sons get some independence from us and an exit out of the sheltered “bubble” they lived in. When they turned 12, we decided to send them off on their first adventure with Adventures

Ian YoungIan Young

I, and indeed all members of our family, have participated over the years in many of Meli’s Adventures Under the Sun (and occasionally under the rain) – kayak trips and treks.   We have always had a great time and look forward to more of Meli’s adventures in the future.