Jennifer Pfister-Libby

About 7 years ago my husband Hans and myself decided it was time to let our twin sons get some independence from us
and an exit out of the sheltered “bubble” they lived in. When they turned 12, we decided to send them off on their first
adventure with Adventures under the Sun. I believe they were gone for two or three nights. The young boys returned
amazed by what Costa Rica had to offer and all they had learned with Adventures under the Sun: hiking, camping, group
meals, cleaning up, kayaking and surfing. The following years they went every year after that becoming truly great
adventurers. I do remember that after they returned from the Osa Camp they came back very grateful to a clean bed
and a home cooked meal. Adventures under the Sun gave my twins the opportunity to live the best of Costa Rica in a
safe and enriching way. You changed the lives of my boys! Thanks!