A Weekend of Adventure for TEENS

A Weekend full of adventure activities for TEENS ages 13 to 16.

Adventure Mentors Summer Adventure Camp for TEENS is:
● All outdoors
● Surrounded by nature
● Bilingual
● Healthy! – We will be preparing our own meals from farm to table
● For teens ages 13 -16
Dates for 2021:
  • Febrero 6 - 7
  • Febrero 20 - 21
Location: San Antonio de Escazú
Three Options to Choose from:
Option 1 – Full Weekend from 8 am Saturday to 3 pm Sunday: Includes rappel, map and compass
orienteering, survival skills, first aid and team challenges on Day 1, as well as camping on the farm at
night and a hike to hills for Escazú on Day 2.
Includes: 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and snacks, as well as tents and kitchen mess)
Price: $175
Option 2 – Two Full Day NO camping: Day 1 (Saturday) from 8 am to 3 pm:
Includes rappel, map and compass orienteering, survival skills, first aid and team challenges; snacks and lunch; and Day 2
(Sunday) from 7 am to 3 pm: Includes hike in the hills of Escazú; snacks and lunch
Price: $145
Option 3 – One Day Only: Option to choose from Day 1 or Day 2 from 7/8 am to 3 pm:
Includes activities, snacks and lunch
Price: $75
* VAT not included
An incredible opportunity for you kids to experience two days of life outdoors surrounded by nature and
learning adventure activities and skills like: rappel, map and compass orienteering, survival skills, first
aid, team challenges and more!
Day 1 – At our private farm located in San Antonio de Escazú, we will teach different mountaineering
techniques like how to use a map and compass, rappel, how to cross rivers safely, and survival skills like
how to build a refuge and how to make a campfire. We will cover some basic wilderness first aid skills
as well. At night we will camp under the stars and share stories around the campfire. Lunches and
dinners will be prepared by the participants and supervised by the Mentors and will include some fresh
produce from the farm.
Day 2 – We will have breakfast at camp and prepare our lunch and snacks to take on our hike to the hills
of Escazú. While hiking, we will practice some of the various skills we learned on Day 1. We will return
to camp and have a moment of reflection to finish the day around 3 pm.
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* Applies for families of 3 or more kids
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Whatsapp: 8422-9565
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