Meet the Team


AUSun’s staff consists of a variety of amazing local professionals in environmental and outdoor education, travel, and sports. Our trip leaders are young, bilingual adults with CPR, WFR, First Aid and ICT Guide Certifications. Our shared values, philosophies, and passion for the Costa Rican outdoors is reflected in the success of the trips we lead and operate.
Mélida Barbee was born in Guatemala in 1972. In 1973 her family moved to Costa Rica where she became a citizen and permanent resident. Meli attended Country Day School in San José and graduated from UC, Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Studies. Mélida worked as an international adventure guide for over 10 years. She led international students and adults on surf safaris, biking, sea kayaking, rafting, and trekking adventures, primarily in Costa Rica and the USA. Over the years, Mélida recognized the need for outdoor programs in Costa Rica that inspire greater outdoor appreciation, environmental awareness and conservation. Her passion for the outdoors, lust for adventure and work with national conservation efforts inspired the creation of Adventures Under the Sun. With years of experience as a professional athlete, Meli integrated physical activities as a key element to all AUSun programs. She trains and competes heavily in various sporting events including various sporting world championships and races. The training it has taken to accomplish these huge physical challenges have had a big impact on Meli’s personal life, values, health and life style. She hopes to influence younger generations to become more physically active in the technologically and media influenced world we live in today.
Andrés Mora
Andres is a tico with over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. He worked as a river guide for 12 years with Rios Tropicales, and then as a multisport guide and local rep for 5 years for a Kiwi company before heading back to the offices of Rios Tropicales to help out with sales, reservations and operations. Andres has been with AUSun for five years and contributes with all aspects of the business, primarily logistics and operations. He is a talented, bilingual outdoorsman with a genuine interest and passion for nature, gardening, yoga and is a dedicated family man.
Erick Cano
Eric Cano grew up in the southern part of Costa Rica and is passionate for nature and adventure sports. He finished his secondary studies in New Zealand, where he learned all about Outdoor Education. Upon returning to Costa Rica he studied Hotel and Restaurant Administration, and worked in the tourism industry for five years locally and internationally (Panama and Nicaragua). During this period, he led several projects with US teenagers in the San Blas area of Panama. As project coordinator, his team of students was in charge of building several classrooms in the Kuna Yala community schools. Eric has spent his last 15 years working at a Therapeutic Boarding School for US students in Costa Rica and graduated with a degree in Psychology at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. He collaborated with  the Department of Experiential Education in the coordination of homestay programs; academic and therapeutic tours; cultural activities; running, surfing, mountain biking and kayaking clubs; and international recreational trips to Peru, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. Working with a high-risk population, Eric specialized in Risk  Management, a critical tool when working with teens in outdoor adventures. Eric also serves on the board of similar organizations, including the Costa Rica Outward Bound.
Randall Bermúdez
Costa Rican by birth, Randall is passionate about teaching. After studying Tropical Biology at the National University, he realized that his true call is in education, and the wilderness is the perfect classroom. He developed an  Outdoor Education program  at the Pan American School for 10 years and is now dedicated to working with a North American  company called the World  Leadership  School, pioneers in Global Learning.  He has had the opportunity to travel to countries such as Morocco, Tanzania, Peru, Belize, Guatemala and the USA, leading American students to live unforgettable experiences. Students live with local families, carry out projects, and interact with students in the area to solve global problems affecting the community. His love of adventure sports has taken him to high mountains, caverns, rivers, oceans and some of the toughest adventure races in the world including The  2002 Eco Challenge in  Fiji.
Laura Badilla
Laura loves to be surrounded by nature, do arts and crafts and be in constant movement. AUSun first hired her for her craft skills – she provided many of our students with some very special bracelets. In 2011 she began as a camp counselor for our Kids Camp, which later led in to becoming a surf instructor for little kids with Sessions Under the Sun in 2013. She studied Marine Biology, is a Dive Master and has done some impressive volunteer work on Isla del Coco. She has traveled extensively around Costa Rica and Latin America learning about the various cultures and surfing some pretty fun waves. Her life essentials are ocean, nature, camping, movement and creativity. Today Laura is a licensed yoga instructor, ISA certified surf instructor, and certified tour guide. She loves to share and learn from life; and her motto is “you never know what you have until it’s gone thus there is nothing like the present to enjoy it!”
Stanely Prendiz
Stanley joined our staff as a guide three years ago. He is a geologist by profession and is passionate about sharing this knowledge and so much more as a licensed naturalist guide. Stanley is patient and an excellent listener and contributor to group projects; he has wonderful group management skills and pays excellent attention to detail.
Irene Corrales
Irene joined Adventures Under the Sun as a freelance guide two years ago and is from the eastern part of San Jose. She has been a licensed tourism guide for five years and leads both our summer camp programs and student group journeys. She has been an outdoor instructor at Outward Bound and loves to get out into the wilderness. Irene is vivacious, energetic and attentive, and she loves working with teenagers. She is also a talented craftswoman, percussionist and loves animals.
Jose Pablo Vargas
Jose Pablo, aka JP or Yipy, is one of our top surf instructors as of three years ago. He is an architect by profession but loves to teach surf lessons so as to keep himself “out of the office”. Yipy has been surfing since he was a young boy and is dedicated, focused and extremely positive.
Alfredo Barquero
Alfredo, from Playa Guiones, is a quiet and passionate surfer dedicated to the ocean and feeling its power in all his moves on every wave. When not teaching for Sessions, he’s powering down the line on Costa Rica’s north pacific shores, or traveling with the national circuit as an official surf photographer….. thus the keen eye for how best to ride!
Oscar Blanco
Oscar joined our team from Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica where he lives permanently and surfs regularly. When not teaching or surfing, he spends 100% of his time devoted to sharing the wonders of our beaches and waves to visitors and thus gets to a surf a lot of our killer breaks around the country.