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With a lifetime of local guiding and adventure racing to the four corners, peaks, borders and coasts, under the direction of our founder we can provide you with the best advice and coordination on some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for your friends and family trip. We can set up a custom trip to Costa Rica for you and include extremely unique locations or sign up for one of our select adventures like an overnight sea kayaking trip to a remote island to sleep at an exclusive beach resort.
Our experienced staff can customize your trip according to your needs, take you anywhere you want to go and provide you with a unique educational and cultural adventure in Costa Rica. Transportation to different destinations would be in a private van or minibus depending on group size, with driver or, if you prefer, you can drive yourself. Accommodations can include five-star all-inclusive resorts or hotels, quaint bungalows, surf camps or even a unique beachfront campsite. We can provide private surf lessons, exclusive sea kayaking trips and luxurious campsites all with gear included. Avoid the hassles of lugging all the stuff because we've got it. Depending on your trip and needs, we can provide as many guides/staff necessary to make your trip a true, worry-free vacation. Our staff members are all young, adventurous and bilingual locals excited to be your personal translators, coordinators, guides, teachers and hosts. Let us know what you want, and we'll take care of the rest.
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"These guys know the absolute coolest places in the world. It’s been a pleasure to accompany them on a few of their adventures, and I’m planning to do more. Whatever they’re organizing, I assure you it’s a worthy journey. "

Steve Little

"Excellent planning and knowledgeable guides make for challenging worthwhile trips. This company knows Costa Rica extremely well and is highly recommended for adventure travel."


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Our itineraries are pre-established adventure to particularly unique and remote destinations - from sea kayaking trips throughout our gulfs or to Bocas del Toro in Panama, to hiking high mountain trails to remote communities. Our mission is to provide you with an off the beaten path trips in Costa Rica that require some experience, and a great big smile! We will take care of all the details for an incredible trips.


A: AUSun recommends that you have an updated Tetanus and Tuberculosis shot before traveling to Costa Rica. The CDC recommends that those traveling to Costa Rica be inoculated for malaria and hepatitis. These inoculations are not required by AUSun; this is left to your discretion. Should you choose to be inoculated for these diseases, please be aware of the side effects. If possible, administer the inoculations well in advance so that side effects will not affect you during your travels. Costa Rica is listed as a country with Zika therefore please consider bringing plenty of mosquito repellent and attire to protect yourself from mosquito bites throughout your travels.
A: If you have data roaming on your cel phone you should be able to use it while you are here. We can also recommend you purchase a phone chip in the airport at a local store upon arrival. There are various options to choose from like Kolbi, Claro or Movistar
A: You do not need a guide to get around Costa Rica. It is relatively easy to do so on your own; however, some groups might find things easier to have a host that can help keep your trip running smoothly and inform you of all the interesting and different places and things you are encountering along the way.
A: AUSun trip leaders are required to carry a guiding license awarded by the National Tourism Bureau (ICT) after completing an intense course on Costa Rican natural history, English language classes, tropical biology, CPR, first aid, etc. AUSun also requires trip leaders to partake in our staff training program held every year and in which we teach them the guidelines, policies, procedures and standards of all of our programs.
A: It is very easy to rent a car and drive around Costa Rica. Our roads have improved and the most commonly used driving application, WAZE, does an incredible job getting you to your destination. You can also rent a GPS navigator from most rental car agencies. If you prefer to avoid the stress and chaos you might feel when driving, we can coordinate a private vehicle and driver for your travels.
A: NO. All Select Adventures can be adapted to meet the needs and abilities of the client. Previous experience always helps but is not required. Your enthusiasm will do most of the work.
A: You must be sure to have a valid passport to travel to Costa Rica. It must have at least six months validity before expiring or you may not be allowed to enter or depart Costa Rica. Be sure your passport will not expire while traveling because it will be difficult to renew in Costa Rica, especially as a minor. If you are traveling with a son or daughter that was born in Costa Rica, be aware that you will be required to process permits several days before your departure for your son or daughter to exit the country. Visas are NOT required for those traveling from the following countries: European Union, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay. If the country you are coming from is not listed here, please contact the Costa Rican consulate in your area. If you have any difficulties, AUSun may assist you as well.
A: Although Spanish is the national language of Costa Rica, you do not need to speak it to get around. Most “ticos” (Costa Ricans) speak some English and are very willing to learn. They also love to teach Spanish to foreigners.
A: To plan a trip in Costa Rica, first consider what activities you would like to do, places you would like to visit or things you would like to see. Next, please let us know what time frame works best for your schedule so we can match you with the best options. Lastly, keep in mind whether you want an outdoor-focused adventure with some camping experience or prefer something a little more front country with tours and excursions to different areas and staying in bungalows or hotels.
A: AUSun plans trips for individuals, groups of friends, families and even large corporate groups. You can sign up for a Select Adventure that may already be scheduled for a certain date or we can work with you to customize your journey and define all the things you want to see and do.
A: AUSun follows safety standards and regulations established by leading outdoor adventure tourism operators in the US and Costa Rica. We are covered by a Comprehensive Commercial General Liability policy with the Costa Rican National Insurance Institute.