“Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and hard work. I loved getting to know you all! You made us feel very welcome and really worked great with our kids” Chaperone.

Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School, 2016.

“The guides were amazing, we were lucky to have an amazing crew. They made our trip a memorable one” Chaperone.

Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School, 2016.

“Keep adding in the teamwork, character activities and nightly reflections. These really help the students to grow as people, a huge priority for them” Chaperone.

Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School, 2016.

“The students were challenged physically and mentally but not pushed past their limits. Lifelong memories were made” Felix Gabathuler, teacher.

Sukia multiday hiking trip, Marian Baker School, 2016.

“I did not expect the trip to be so challenging but it was, food was nutritious and really loved the night time bonding” Gracey Vaughn.

Sukia multiday hiking trip, Marian Baker School, 2016.

“The students were challenged physically and mentally but not pushed past their limits. Lifelong memories were made.”

Felix Gabathuler, Teacher. Sukia multiday hiking trip, Marian Baker School, 2016.

“I was challenged physically and had a fulfilling experience of contact and sharing with the Cabecar people, had fun with my classmates and got closer with my generation. The rafting was great and the hiking strenuous.”

Elisa Quintero, Pacuare River Challenge Trip, 2017.

“Great trip, the homestay and language program really allowed the students to engage in the language and culture. The Corcovado experience was unbelievable.”

Emily Durkin, Teacher Telluride Mountain School; Costa Rica Trip 2017

“Being far away from people I love really got me thinking about the way I treat them. My mind opened awareness and changed me emotionally and mentally. I learned a lot about myself, that I need to change the way I act at home as I did on this trip.”

Jacqueline Waller, Telluride Mountain School; Costa Rica Trip 2018

“Both have great knowledge and facts and have fun activities to reflect. Great teamwork and communication. Instructions were always clear as well as expectations constant check-ins and group meeting in lobby. Incredible organization.

Sarah Jane Vargas, Teacher Country Day School; Rincon de La Vieja Trip, 2019

“I feel amazing after this trip and I have a greater sense of awareness. One thing I learned about myself is that I can take risks and love it, Yes!”

Hadassah, Cedarwood School; Costa Rica Trip 2019

“My goal was to reach my limit and I did it! Loved the sounds of nature” Michelle Hu.

Sukia multiday hiking trip, Marian Baker School, 2016.

“The highlights of the trip was the rivers on the hike, it helps you to relax and heal. Food was delicious and I was able to enjoy typical tico food” Daniela Moya.

Sukia multiday hiking trip, Marian Baker School, 2016.

“All of the safety standards were met and I never felt at any time that safety was compromised. The leaders were well qualified and went above and beyond the call of duty” Chaperone.

Keystone Montessori School, 2016.

“I learned so much…I leaned to get involved and challenge myself. Frankly I think this trip has helped me a lot! ” Carla.

Keystone Montessori School, 2016.

“The trip really made me go outside my comfort zone and I learned a lot about Costa Rica. I loved it so much.” Leah.

Keystone Montessori School, 2016.

“I went to four summer camps (13-17 years old) in different parts of Costa Rica and I can only say that it was life changing. We went to such amazing places all over the country and learned so much: building your tent, cook your own food, learn how to take care of the environment, surf, kayak, hike, snorkel and the list can go on forever. But the most important thing for me was how you matured as a person during the 6-8 days of the camp. I’m now 20, living alone and the things I learned help me to solve a lot of problems from my daily life.”

Noah Pfister-Libby, Returning Client; several trips.

“I behave more aware of what our environment could be if I learned of human impact on wildlife.”

Alexandra Arauz Patiño, Uvita Expedition 2016

“The trip is amazing because you disconnect to the world you are living in (WI Fi, electronical items) and connect with nature, that’s very peaceful at the end.”

Carla Miguel Wright, Nicoya Expedition 2017

“I learned to change my personality a lot, I got along with a very different group which I wouldn’t have before and met amazing people.”

Jenny Richly, Nicoya Expedition 2018

“I feel like I matured more and that I learned a lot of independence by going on a trip with a group of new friends.”

Nicolás Amador, Osa Expedition 2019

“During this trip I thought that I was going to be all alone and face my fears like ziplining alone. But then I made so many friends and the helped me overcome things that I could overcome by myself. They are the greatest friends I could ever have.”

Daniel Garzon, Williamsburg Charter High School; Costa Rica Trip 2019

“I realize that you can always try your hardest, work to get better and you can share with all others” Jesse Beeth.

Keystone Montessori School, 2016.

“I learned to be less wasteful and be more open minded” Maddie.

Keystone Montessori School, 2016.

“My expectations were big about sleeping in a cave but it was the highlight for me.  Swimming in the waterfall pools and the rappelling… everything!  It was amazing and the food was excellent” Michael Aizenman.

CDS 11th Grade Diamante Falls Challenge Trip, 2015.

“This was by far the best trip, I was very happy with the experience and the encouragement that I was given towards doing new things. The food was great and every cent given was worth” Sofia Milian.

CDS 7th Grade Arenal Challenge Trip, 2016.

“The guides were very professional, took their job seriously and the students had fun, felt safe and learned about the forest and themselves! ” Tara Brennan, teacher.

CDS 6th Grade Rincon de la Vieja Challenge Trip 2015.

“These guys know the absolute coolest places in the world. It’s been a pleasure to accompany them on a few of their adventures, and I’m planning to do more. Whatever they’re organizing, I assure you it’s a worthy journey.”

Steve Little, Returning Client, several trips.

“We’ve completed 3 trips with Meli and her excellent guides. We have fun adventuring in new places and pushing our limits while feeling informed and safe. Meli thinks of every detail and her Guides are tops.”

Stephen Ladek, Isla Chira Sea kayaking Adventure 2017

“I have been on several Adventures Under the Sun – some ocean kayaking and others trekking – The last was a couple of months ago when Meli (the boss of AUSun) led a group of us (average age over 70) on an exciting trek in the peninsula of Osa. It wasn’t easy, but immensely satisfying. And the wildlife was amazing. And importantly, everything was very well organized.”

Ian Young Robertson, Osa Peninsula Expedition 2019

“Excellent planning and knowledgeable guides make for challenging worthwhile trips. This company knows Costa Rica extremely well and is highly recommended for adventure travel.”

John Alexander Ordman, Osa Peninsula Expedition 2019

“We were a group of three families with varying ages. Meli and her team organized it all to equip us with everything to make us feel safe, hugely comfortable, full of adventure, well-fed, incredibly well instructed with heaps of patience and so much fun spirit. There was no point in our three days where I felt I needed something, it just appeared like magic…. like the deserted island beach where the team set up a paradise picnic. Thank you! Our next trip is with you!”

Lucia Lindblom, Nicoya Gulf Family Adventure 2019